Revolutionary Way to Fix a Thinnings Area or Change Style Yourself


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Some of our clients don’t have the time or resources to take advantage of our full service hair replacements.  Or, sometimes, the bald spots or thinning hair are not severe, and they just want a quick fix or an accent to temporarily change how they look…and they want to do it themselves.  It is for that reason we have developed a line of unique fillers and extensions that you can use yourself to fill in areas and enhance or accent our your existing hair.

History of our Hair Bangers™ and Hair Extensions

After seven years of researching and testing a variety of products on the market I noticed an enormous need for individuals looking for a solution to hair color change without coloring their hair and unsightly scars or baldness but without resorting to transplants.  They wanted something they could do themselves, in the comfort of their own homes, and giving a superior economical hair quality and getting the look and coverage the average consumer cannot find in stores or TV commercials.  Thus, Hair Bangers™ and our unique life of extensions was born.

So what can YOU do with these amazingly unique products?

  • Fill in thinning areas with just a clip-in and a comb
  • Get great or fun bangs instantly
  • Accent your hair color for different occasions without coloring your own hair.
  • Add length and volume almost instantly
  • Completely change your hair style without going to the beauty parlor or barber (Yes, Hair Bangers™ are for Men as well)

Young girlsChildren and Teens

Young teenagers and small children have smaller forehead and scalps.  There is nothing on the market for them to add fullness volume or bangs without cutting their own hair.

After visiting a local Ulta and Sally beauty stores I noticed nothing for children or teenagers, only for adults and the pieces were so big they sit like a tumor on the head!  So, when I created Hair Bangers™, I kept the needs teens and children in mind.  While Hair Bangers™ is an amazing product for men and women of all ages, it also is perfect for teens and children.  That is what makes this product so unique.  There is nothing else on the market like it.  Besides adding volume, with Hair Bangers™ , they can also add fun colors.  With our extensions, they can add length and accents, both without the commitment of permanent change!

More Mature Clientsgray hair woman

If you’ve ever looked, you will not find any real providers hair filler products for people with salt & pepper or totally gray hair.  After I did my own research, discovering the baby boomers are in great need of product for their graying hair, I launched a line of 100% natural grayHair Bangers™.  The products that were being sold made me laugh….“Really”, I said?  I could not believe my eyes to see what people would pay for a simple plastic clip to make their hair thicker and give them a simple change.   And, they were all synthetic fibers that fell apart.

Our line of gray hair products are made from the finest quality, 100% natural hair that quickly, and easily integrates into your own hair, and matches perfectly.   And, they can be used by both men and women alike.

Mission Statement

We at Imagine Hair are passionate to give our clients assurance and self-esteem, making sure everyone is treated as an individual.  We are about hair hope to those who have hair loss by replacing their hair.  Imagine Hair follows up for customer satisfaction.