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We use 100% human hair in all our products.  However, almost all human hair used for hair systems and extensions is processed by either bleaching or coloring by the manufacturer. While we make every effort to be certain the color samples we have below represent the color of the product you will receive, because different manufacturers use different processes it is possible some of the systems will vary slightly. Because we only use 100% real human hair, that means you can easily color your hair piece to match your existing hair.e use 100% human hair in all our products. 

Terms and Conditions

INSPECT YOUR HAIR BEFORE BREAKING THE SEAL AND OPENING THE PACKAGE.  Once the yellow package seal is broken, it cannot be returned.

FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS THE RETURN OF HUMAN HAIR THAT HAS BEEN “USED”.  That includes breaking the package seal.  Therefore, all Sales are Final! 

NO REFUNDS ARE ALLOWED.  However, if you find you ordered the wrong color, we will gladly replace it with a different colored one.  The buyer must ship the unopened product back to us at their cost and agree to pay for shipping and handling for us to send the new product.

IF YOUR PRODUCT IS DEFECTIVE, we will replace it at no charge.  While we carefully inspect each item before it is shipped, occasionally one may slip through.  Just mail it back to us .

ALL RETURNS must be received within 14 days from the date of purchase along with the completed return form.   

Call us at 512-771-5705 to start your return


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